As the name suggests, wall printing is the revolutionary art of printing directly on the walls with a special wall printer. No glue or sticky parts are involved, meaning that the original texture of the wall or surface is maintained.

The wall printing process is very simple. It mainly involves 4 steps.

– Locale visit:

In this step we will visit your place in order to assess the conditions of your wall(s) and ensure minimum requirements for a successful printing.

– Art selection:

This may probably be the most difficult part. In this step you will have to decide on which art you would like to display on your wall. You will be able to choose from a bank of thousands of pictures we can provide you with or make your own selection from online sources like Shuttersctock. But you are not alone, we are here to help you chose.

Ultimately, if you desire to have a unique art work that best describes you, we can help you create your own design with the help of our professional designers.

– Wall Preparation:

This step may or may not be necessary. It all depends on your wall. Your wall is your canvas, meaning that certain basic  conditions must be met  before we are able to print. In short, your wall must be vertical and flat with no significant protruding parts (texture and brick layers are perfectly fine). Depending on the art you chose, the background (your wall paint color) should be clear. White or very light yellow or cream colors are preferred.

There is also a minimum ceiling height requirement of 7.92 ft that cannot be overseen since our printer will not fit in lower spaces.

– Printing:

This is the most exciting part of all. Once we have it all in place, the machine starts printing. As minutes pass it gets more and more exciting to see your dream mural come to real on your wall.

Murals can be printed on both interiors and exteriors.

Note that on interiors there are limitations due to the ceiling height. Minimum height should be 7.92 ft.

On exterior walls,  we can currently print  murals 7 ft high and 19 ft wide per single print.

Our murals can reach 7 ft high and 19 ft wide on a single print.

The quality of your mural greatly depends on the quality of the images we will use. As a standard we would ideally recommend an image that is minimum 300 dpi.
Successful printing of your own art highly depends on the quality of the image. As a rule we advise a minimum of 300 dpi. We also have limitations with the height of the image. Aside from that creativity is your limit.
Our printer prints using the CMYK color model. Many if the images you find on the internet or are taken with standard difital cameras use the RGB color model. This means that in order for us to be able to print those images, we will have to convert them to CMYK. By doing so, we cannot guarantee that colors will be exactly the same, although we always try to maintain colors as close as possible.
Mural printing can be done in almost any wall that can absorb the ink. Different types of walls include our common cement, brick, dry-walls, etc. But it won’t stop us there. We are also able to print on wood, tiles and even glass.
We are committed to you! We will assist you in the process of selecting your desired art. However, we will be more than happy to work along with your designer.

Walls where murals will be printed must be:

– Vertical.

– Flat.

– No significant protruding parts on the surface to be printed.

– Free of holes.

– Painted with very light colors, preferably white.

– Wall  must be water absorbent.

Our minimum cost is charged at 10 sq. ft. flat rate even if your image is smaller in size. If your image is bigger than that, then we will add charges by extra 1 ft2. to be printed.
Yes, we are happy to team up with your designer to achieve that perfect design your place needs.
Printing time depends on the size of your mural. Our machine is able to print 10 ft2 in 30 minutes.