Business opertunity

Defined Target Audience for Wall Printing Business

Main Target Market

  1. Local and regional interior designers and builders
  2. Recipients of interior design publications
  3. Patrons of fine arts performances and events
  4. Private children’s care facilities and retail businesses
  5. Selected art galleries
  6. Residential houses
  7. Commercial Businesses

What social Media Platform They use

What are their fears?

Losing customers

Access to capital/credit

Key employee defections

Cash flow

The Instability of Working For Yourself

A Crisis of Cash Flow

Fear of Sales

Fear of Networking

What keeps them awake at night?

  • Financial stress
  • Increasing revenue and profits
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Government regulations
  • Cash flow problems and management
  • Work-life balance
  • Many businesses are struggling in their attempt to balance both their life and their work.
  • Overwhelming workload volume
  • Problems associated with people
  • Customer retention
  • Managing administration
  • Turning off the brain
  • Planning the next step for business

Demographics of the Decision Maker in these Organizations

51% over 50 years old

33% between the ages 35–49

16% being under the age of 35

Average Income:$150,000 per year

Decision Makers Social Media Usage or where are they Most Active Online

Facebook: 90%, Pinterest: 56%, Twitter: 47%, Google+:29%, LinkedIn: 19%, Youtube: 77%, Instagram: 57%, Snapchat: 28%, Tumblr: 23%, Viber: 15%

How to Reach Them

  • Email lists (Can upsell email marketing)
  • Direct mail campaigns! (Flyers, postcards)
  • Social media page


Use a loyalty program that collects:

  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Local mail address

Devices they Regularly Use to Access the Internet

Keys to Success in wall printing Business

Press releases to promote your major projects via media documentation

Promotional mailings to interior designers,residential,commercial homes and builders

Telephone contact for appointments and sales with mailing recipients

Purchase Patterns/Process of your Audience

Often a client approaches you through three channels

Referrals from contacts that have purchased or have seen your work

Interior designers

Individuals who have seen your advertisements, brochures, or media

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

Company Strengths

  1. Elegant line quality
  2. Complex composition
  3. Layered and energetic use of color
  4. Meticulous attention to detail
  5. Whimsical and unique  subjects
  6. Wide range of expertise in creative techniques and historical references
  7. Strong graphic design background for promotional opportunities

Other Strengths

  1. Punctuality and promptness in appointments and contact
  2. Clean and reliable job site maintenance
  3. Honesty and consistency in quotes and billing
  4. Dedication to delivering more than the client expects, facilitating excitement with their creative experience, resulting in enthusiastic referrals

Company Weaknesses/Barriers to Entry

  1. Lack of time to pursue new contacts
  2. Inexperienced in website maintenance resulting in lag time for updates
  3. Inexperienced at phone sales cold contact

Needs Analysis

Unmet/Incompletely Met Needs

  1. Marketing capital for magazine advertising
  2. Capital for staffing to accomplish mailings and phone contact
  3. Capital for exclusive use of a larger, reliable vehicle to transport equipment safely
  4. Capital for a DSL (a dedicated line for a modem) for e-transmission of larger scanned files in a more timely manner
  5. Capital for larger format full-color scanner and printer


Market Opportunities

  1.  Access to a regional retail furniture chain and a regional retail paint outlet chain that may allow you to hold painting demonstrations and workshops in return for distribution of my promotional materials and referrals to their customers.
  2. Very few wall printing companies have the resources or interest to advertise, and if they have, the design and layout has been unimpressive.. You should  have the motivation to be recognizable as a high quality resource in the regional media, budget permitting.
  3. You should have yet to explore the market of home improvement due to property damage, in which insurance awards would pay for renovations.


Market Threats

  1. The economy has curtailed business and home improvement spending by 50 percent in my experience and observation over the last year. As a new business, you rely on a good economy for disposable income to support the luxury of home and business improvement.
  2. There is a small, slow upturn in the economy, but layoffs have affected about a third of your clients’ ability to follow through with scheduled projects which have been delayed until the climate improves.
  3. Changing Government regulations


Marketing strategy for These Audience

Place (Distribution)

  1. You should provide an average of a dozen brochures to each client, more if they entertain often, or if their project is included in the newer printings of brochures.
  2. You should place your brochures in stand-up boxes in the galleries where you  exhibit, or they display them as they wish.
  3. You should have placed brochures in private schools,Businesses and daycare centers etc where your  work appears, libraries that allow promotional display, as well as health food stores and coffee shops in mid- to high-income neighborhoods that allow display.



  1. You should utilize the graphic design software Quark to create a professionally printed, glossy, full-color brochure, and have updated them each year since you launch your business.
  2. You should have a two-color professionally designed and printed business card, letterhead, and envelopes, and can generate color stickers of the same for special mailing or packaging needs.
  3. You should have a professionally designed website, with multiple pages and sections for in depth display of the variety of work offered, and maintain it .
  4. Projections need to be installed onto a few web search engines, as budget increases.
  5. Projected need to join the  Society of Interior Designers as a professional resource member.

Promotional Products Distributors

  1. As your budget increases, you should actively recruit new interior designers for promotion for your mutual profit.
  2. You should plan to create new print ads for promotion as the budget increases.


Educators, Catalog Merchants, Retail Stores

  1. You should plan to target children’s educational resources and retail for promotional events and mailings, as budget and staffing allows.
  2. You should target interior design outlets, upscale furniture outlets and showrooms, through display as well as offering workshops to the public.